Championing Tobacco Free: Frances Ilozue, MD


Champions are often pictured as icons or superheroes who were born different than the ordinary man or woman. But more often they are ordinary people in our own communities whose actions make them extraordinary. We recently honored “Tobacco-Free Community Champion,” Dr. Frances Ilozue, MD, director of Rapha Family Wellness Centers in Buffalo, as a shining … Continued


Big Tobacco Has No Heart


As I realize (with a start) that Valentines Day is tomorrow (OMG…I forgot to get a boyfriend again this year) I think of an issue that I deal every day at Tobacco-Free Erie-Niagara. Tobacco and Valentine’s have something in common? Who knew? Most would see no connection between the candy-infused, romantic holiday and my career path, but there … Continued


Super Thursday: Tobacco Use in the NFL


One would never think that NFL players dabble in chewing tobacco, or any tobacco product for that matter. But more than two-thirds of NFL players use chew on a regular basis. Of course, the NFL Commissioner has made some guidelines about the use of tobacco and alcohol before, during and after a game, but that … Continued


Hello Tobacco Control: 3 Reasons I’m Psyched To Be Here


As the new Reality Check Coordinator for the GLOW (Genesee, Livingston, Orleans and Wyoming) region, I feel very excited, as well as fortunate, to continue my work in coalition building and driving collaborative action among youth, leaders and partners in our community. Here’s 3 top reasons I’m glad to be on board: 1. The highly passionate people. The first thing I’ve … Continued