A World With No Tobacco

Hannah Plunkett from Niagara Falls at the New York State Capitol to discuss tobacco control.

By Jessica Amico, a guest blogger and concerned citizen  A world with no tobacco would give more room for other things. More money on vacations and less on medical expenses. More time with the people we love and less time leaving them for a smoke break. In a tobacco-free world, the labels “smoker” and “non-smoker” would vanish and … Continued


Fighting Tobacco Giant Philip Morris USA

Reality Check advocates taking a loud and clear stand against Altria Group and its shareholders.

    “Hey, hey. Ho, ho. Big Tobacco has got to go.” That’s what 50 Reality Check advocates from across New York State chanted outside as  the top executive for tobacco giant Altria Group USA told its shareholders on Thursday May 18 that the company had “another outstanding year” in 2016.  “Our business fundamentals remain strong,” … Continued


Cleaning Up on World’s Most Littered Item

The playground is no place for discarded cigarette butts.

If the Earth could talk, what would she say? Would she say, “I am here for you to enjoy fresh air, green parks and sandy beaches?” Or would she say, “Hey, you with the cigarette. Don’t dump your gross butts on me?” Whatever Mother Earth would say, Reality Check advocates from Falconer Central and Olean … Continued


Reality Check: We Want A Smoke-Free Scene


A 5 a.m. wake up call for a teen on a Saturday morning can be quite the battle. It wasn’t, however, a big fight for the 100+ Reality Check teens from Western and Central New York who rose to the occasion to promote smoke free movies in Toronto. After a two-hour bus ride and careful Customs and Border … Continued


New Learnings In Tobacco Control


Last week 2000+ public health practitioners met in Austin, Texas. No, not for Texas BBQ or a visit to the LBJ museum (although they managed to get that in, too after sessions). They joined forces for the 2017 the premier gathering of the U.S. tobacco control movement. We asked our staff to share their most … Continued


Our Take on Oscars’ 2017 Mistake


The Oscars kept viewers guessing all the way to the end this year — and even after it — with “Moonlight” coming in as a surprise best picture winner after the award was mistakenly given to “La La Land” first. Sure, mistakes happen. One stupid mistake didn’t ruin the whole show. (or does it?) To … Continued


Youth Advocates Meet With Lawmakers on Tobacco

Youth from Depew and Niagara Falls meet with Senator Tim Kennedy on the Senate Floor.

Hannah doesn’t like that stores near her school contain nearly 3x the amount of tobacco ads than other stores. So she showed  Senator Angelo Morinello proof — photos she took this summer. And encouraged him to do something about it. Abby doesn’t like that tobacco is everywhere at her school.  “You can see chewing tobacco cans … Continued


How Western New York Youth Make Themselves Heard


2016, if nothing else, was a year of advocates making themselves  heard on important issues. These sort of actions within a free society got us thinking about our Reality Check youth advocates. And how our Tobacco-Free Western New York team channels their energy into  telling Big Tobacco what they demand. It’s a compelling story. Smoking in … Continued


Top 6 Tobacco-Free Stories of 2016

Reality Check advocates Ben Streeter, Kyrsta Hansen, Robert Torrez and Shashona MacPhee with Trailside Bikes owner Christopher VanDusen.

Let’s face it, it was an interesting year. From the historic presidential election to the zika virus and Hurricane Matthew, 2016 will be remembered for some time. We have many great reasons to review 2016. From mobilizing youth advocates in our GLOW region to legislating for Tobacco 21 in Chautauqua and Cattaraugus counties, our tobacco … Continued


The Buffalo #greencode makes healthier neighborhoods

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown congratulates the Common Council, strategic planners and citizens on the passage of the new Green Code.

Mark Zuckerberg tells his people at Facebook, “Done is better than perfect.”  The same can be said about the newly approved new set of zoning regulations in the city of Buffalo known as #thegreencode. More than six years, 230+ public meetings and thousands of voices heard led to what many urban planners, and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, … Continued