2015 Turns Out to be a GLOWing Year

In Chinese zodiak, 2015 was the year of the sheep. In the GLOW region, it was a shining year of success for the tobacco control movement. I’m always amazed by how much support we get from so many people in our community who want to reduce tobacco use and live healthier ever after. I could write … Continued

Top 10 Tobacco Control Stories of 2015: Erie-Niagara

Here at Tobacco-Free Erie-Niagara, one of the three regions that make up Tobacco-Free Western New York, we’ve had a very successful year in tobacco control efforts. We owe much of this accomplishment to our amazing partners in Erie and Niagara County. From teachers and legislators to youth and landlords, they’ve allowed us to create a healthier environment … Continued

The Holiday Gift That Came Early

As I strolled the Elmwood Village on Saturday, watching people busily bustle from store to store in search of the “perfect” gift, I pondered a very early holiday gift that I received this year. It was perfect. No, it wasn’t the latest gadget or gourmet extravaganza.  It wasn’t wrapped in a pretty red bow or laid … Continued