Niagara Falls Coalesces Around Smoke Free

It’s always great when a community coalesces to solve a public health problem. It’s even greater when the mayor and key members of the Common Council come together and join them. That’s what happened in Niagara Falls, NY last Thursday, November 17, to bring attention to the 41st annual Great American Smokeout Led by Mayor … Continued

Great American Smokeout, Niagara Falls Style

Tomorrow is a big day on our calendar. It’s the Great American Smokeout. Held every year on the third Thursday of November since 1976, it’s the official day we join the American Cancer Society to encourage tobacco users to quit for the day. Of course, we really hope every smoker will quit forever. But we know it’s … Continued

Tobacco Control: Polling The Experts

Finally, it’s Election Day. As Americans head off to the polls, we polled some of our tobacco control experts across Western New York to learn what issues are most important to them as they campaign for reducing tobacco use in their communities every day. Here’s how they voted: Lindsay Amico, Youth Outreach Coordinator for Reality … Continued