On Friday, October 13 beginning at 2:00 p.m., Reality Check students are taking a stand for Seen Enough Tobacco Action Day.

They’ve seen enough:

  • Bright colorful marketing messages in stores where kids shop; 72% of tobacco retail outlets in Depew are located within 1 mile of a school.
  • Tobacco industry tactics; In New York State, tobacco companies spend more than half million dollars EVERY DAY to place promotions where kids can see them.

In conjunction with the school’s Spirit Week, Reality Check students will stick 1,300 pinwheels in the school’s front lawn on highly trafficked Transit Road. The pinwheels will represent the number of smokers who die daily from a smoke-related illness. Students will also host an educational expo on tobacco marketing.

Come check out the action. And take action yourselves by calling your local elected officials and telling them to get tobacco out of sight in stores.