These 10 photos tell a story of 12 months of challenges, successes and perseverance in a year where photographs gave us glimpses of the community engagement work that often felt out of reach. The images, and the team who are a part of them, show us the power of our work toward healthier communities.

A new solution for the world’s most littered trash.
The Village of Hamburg Butt Kickers, who led a grassroots effort to curb cigarette butt litter in their community, join our tobacco waste press conference at Broderick Park.
Andrew Hyland, PhD, chair of the Health Behavior department at Roswell Park speaks to media about the cigarette butt litter problem.
Reality Check champions in Olean chalk the walk to honor the Great American Smokeout.
The Kick Butts Collaborative accepts a grant from the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.
Olean students chalk-up Lincoln Park to encourage quitting smoking.
Wolcott Farms in Wyoming County celebrates three generations of tobacco free horse stables.
We always feel like royalty when we educate community members at the Cuba Garlic Festival.
How fantastic is it that Seen Enough Tobacco Day is celebrated in October? Makes pumpkin carving activities the perfect educational tool at schools.
Reality Check members in Olean work with the Olean Town Centre to create a 100% tobacco-free facility.
Mobilizing Against Tobacco Lies was bigger and better in 2021.