Niagara Falls is undoubtedly one of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders. City Council members on the U.S. side know and cherish that designation. That’s why they voted unanimously last Tuesday to pass a smoke-free resolution for all the city’s municipal properties.

City Councilman Ezra P. Scott, Jr. announced the victory in an interview at Roswell Park Cancer Institute calling the measure a “major win for all citizens.” 

“This new policy will set a better example for children and reduce litter in our city,” said Scott. “The City of Niagara Falls wants to encourage a healthier and better quality of life for its residents, so we should be doing everything possible to encourage good health. This smoking ban is one of them.”

Theresa McCabe, public health educator and manager of the Healthy Neighborhoods program for the Niagara County Department of Health, testified before the Council, urging them to pass the smoke-free resolution to ensure better health for all citizens of Niagara Falls, especially our children.

Anthony Billoni, executive director of Tobacco-Free Western New York (TFWNY), said many towns and cities in the state are establishing smoke-free policies for their municipal buildings, but Niagara Falls is a big victory.

“We’re very pleased to see that Niagara Falls, which is a national treasure and one of the larger cities in the state, has taken a lead in implementing this ban.”

He said the ban helps create healthy environments where kids play, reduces municipal maintenance costs, reduces the risk of fire and cuts down on tobacco waste in water.

The policy also got props from Niagara Falls mayor Paul Dyster, via this retweet: