Hope y’all had a happy Earth Day. We sure did. Out of respect for Mother Earth and her precious waterways here in Buffalo, Reality Check students from Hutch Tech High School joined us in Spring Sweep 2018 sponsored by Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper.

Hutch Tech Reality Check advisor, Meredith Anthony, and her crew on their way to kick butts.

Turns out cigarette butts were one of the biggest culprits littering the banks of Scajaquada Creek, where the team’s Sweep was set. As our Reality Check team busted butts with the cleanup, they shared with other volunteers that cigarette butts are the #1 littered item found on U.S beaches, roadways and waterways.

Thanks and peace out to Hutch Tech for their help in sweeping up this toxic waste. The fish and other organisms of Lake Erie will be much healthier now. And so will the city of Buffalo’s budget since tobacco litter cleanup is a substantial cost to our city each year.

Butt really? Tobacco-free champion, Josh Holtzman, says it’s time to clean up our act and protect our environment.